Me, Me, Me!

I’m a self-confessed beauty junkie. That’s right, if there was a rehabilitation centre for beauty and make up addicts, I’d be the first one to be admitted (and discharged with some hefty meds, too)

How can I describe my addiction? It’s expensive. Do I feel guilty for spending? No. Is it worth it? Hell, yes. (Of course, in exchange for money, I make people look beautiful, which funds my expensive habit…)

Walking past a make up counter without trying their products just doesn’t happen for me I’m afraid; I pick up more samples in one hour than a phlebotomist does in a day and if I like it? I’ll buy a full size… #sorrynotsorry

As a person? I’m pretty nuts and ‘out there’, but you’ll get used to me. Having a good sense of humour is essential when you work with make up (we’ve all been at that awkward ‘not quite sure what I’m doing with this orange liquid stuff’ teen stage) and it’s helped me develop as a make up artist myself.

Basically, sign up to my blog and bring your friends along too!


Me, Me, Me!